Learn about all our solutions in the world of testing

Ecosistemas: Expertise / Innovation / Quality Assurance

We help our clients to reduce time-to-market, improving the quality of their applications

Learn about all our solutions in the world of testing

Functional Tests

Our goal is to check that the developed systems work in an optimal way. These tests help your organization to detect possible defects derived from the programming instance.

Automated Testing

We apply software tools to automate the manual process of review and validation of a software product, ensuring the quality of the system and reducing cost and time.

Performance Testing

As a key step to ensure software quality, these tests are a non-functional technique that determines how stability, speed, scalability and responsiveness are maintained under a balanced workload.

Stress Load and Vulnerabilities Testing

It is essential that all our devices work properly. Any piece of equipment may have complications, vulnerabilities and bugs that could hinder performance. By applying stress tests, we can get detailed information on how far our device will be able to go and thus measure its performance.



  • Micro Focus ALM
  • Zephyr
  • Xray
  • Jira Software
  • Test Link


  • Appium
  • Selenium
  • Rest Assured
  • Katalon
  • Karate
  • Soap UI
  • Postman

Load and performance testing

  • k6
  • Load Runner
  • Load UI

Source code assessment

  • Sonarqube

Statistics and metrics

We design and execute 10,000 test cases per month

We develop 500 automation scripts per month in multiple technologies.

We detect +1,000 defects per month.

We invest +200,000 hours per year in quality testing.

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